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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I log into my account?

    Visit our website and click on ‘Log In’. Enter your username and password.
    If you’ve enabled two-factor authentication, you’ll also need to verify your
    identity using the method you’ve set up.

    How do I check my account balance or activity?

    Once logged in, your dashboard will typically show your current balance
    and recent activity. You can also navigate to the ‘Transactions’ or ‘History’
    section for a detailed view.

    What should I do if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login
    page. Enter your registered email address, and we’ll send you instructions
    to reset your password.

    What is an IBAN?

    IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It’s a unique code
    that identifies an individual’s bank account when making international
    transactions. An IBAN includes a country code, two check digits, and a
    long and detailed bank account number. It helps in ensuring that cross-
    border payments are processed correctly.

    What currencies are available with my LemontMoney account?
    With a LemontMoney account, you have the capability to do business globally using our extensive multicurrency feature. We proudly offer the ability to make transfers in 38 different currencies, catering to a diverse range of international needs. Here is the list of all the currencies available currently:
    1. United Arab Emirates (AED)
    2. Australia (AUD)
    3. Barbados (BBD)
    4. Bulgaria (BGN)
    5. Bahrain (BHD)
    6. Canada (CAD)
    7. Switzerland (CHF)
    8. Czech Republic (CZK)
    9. Denmark (DKK)
    10. Eurozone (EUR)
    11. United Kingdom (GBP)
    12. Ghana (GHS)
    13. Hong Kong (HKD)
    14. Hungary (HUF)
    15. Israel (ILS)
    16. Japan (JPY)
    17. Kenya (KES)
    18. Malawi (MWK)
    19. Mexico (MXN)
    20. Norway (NOK)
    21. New Zealand (NZD)
    22. Oman (OMR)
    23. Philippines (PHP)
    24. Pakistan (PKR)
    25. Poland (PLN)
    26. Qatar (QAR)
    27. Romania (RON)
    28. Saudi Arabia (SAR)
    29. Sweden (SEK)
    30. Singapore (SGD)
    31. Thailand (THB)
    32. Tunisia (TND)
    33. Turkey (TRY)
    34. Trinidad and Tobago (TTD)
    35. Uganda (UGX)
    36. United States (USD)
    37. South Africa (ZAR)
    38. Zambia (ZMW)