Why Lemont Money?

Scale Your Financials for Success with Simplified Management Solutions

Whether you are seeking a user-friendly financial platform for flexible online banking, effortless global transfers, or secure payments, Lemont Money partners with your business to ensure your success in an ever-evolving market environment. Our business is in creating the ideal online banking and customer experience, so we provide you with a real, dedicated account manager who is focused on helping your business prosper and grow.

Checking Account

Manage your daily spending easily when you open a business checking account with Lemont Money. Companies can access all the banking essentials like direct deposit, free bill pay, no surprise fees, and overdraft protection. Plus, with advanced encryption, you receive the highest level of fraud protection for your funds.

Savings Account

How would you like your money to make money for you? That’s precisely how opening a savings account with Lemont Money works. With daily compounding interest rates at XX%, you can watch your savings grow while having instant access to your funds. Add money and take money as you need – we make sure it’s readily accessible and without fees or headaches.

Low Interest Loans

Growing businesses often need a boost to continue innovating and expanding their presence in the global marketplace. From working capital loans to SBA loans, we help you get the funds you need within X days, completely hassle-free, and at competitive interest rates starting at XX%.

Flexible Credit Cards

Anything goes in business, and having flexible credit available is a lifeline when you’ve reached your spending limit. With our flexible spending credit cards, qualified companies can continue to access and increase their line of credit – no questions asked.
Company services

Our financial services include:

We aim to empower businesses of all sizes with complete control over their finances, helping them achieve their financial goals faster.

Business Banking

Businesses can take total control of their finance management and access, exchange, spend, and deposit in their business banking accounts. Providing all the business banking essentials, including checking and savings accounts and low-interest loans, Lemont Money offers a straightforward online banking experience from start to finish.

FX Services

Our FX services enable businesses to send, receive, convert, and hold currency without opening an international account. We specialize in helping small businesses facilitate seamless currency exchange while tailoring our service to your business’s unique needs.

International Payments

Businesses use international payments to pay suppliers, employees, contractors, or partners, facilitating trade and allowing them to expand their global footprint and bring their products or services worldwide. Our international payment options include foreign currency exchange, online transfers, and cryptocurrency transfers.

Dedicated IBAN

IBAN accounts are outstanding for streamlined payment transfers between suppliers, customers, and business partners. Using a unique virtual identifier to initiate payment, you can make cryptocurrency transfers to GBP and EUR while being able to track your exchange through documentation and simplify reconciliation easily.
Our values

At Lemont Money, we value innovation, security, simplicity, and customer empowerment

We believe that these values are the key to our success and the success of our customers


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Designed to give entrepreneurs the banking experience they deserve.

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Interested to join our team?

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